Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting Perspective

Looking at my various archives (and purging) allows me a lot of perspective on what's past. My mail art archive goes back to the early nineties. There is some from before that, but it is much thinner. I've collected my personal correspondence into one box and it is way too big. Some items are damaged, but most are in decent condition. I've separated out a large accumulation of postal history: my own items, and items to be reduced for stamps. There are oversized objects that are harder to file. I am organizing, also, a lot of Stamps for Kids donations that require storage.

Since its been too hot to work in the garage, I am taking entire tubs of stuff into the basement where it is cool. And when I say tubs, it's difficult to understand how much of the stuff there is. I mentioned I'd try to do at least one box a day, but yesterday I reduced about four boxes. Its early morning now on a cooler day; I've been back in the garage making progress there. Really its like 10-12 boxes down, 24~ to go. Every time I think I make progress, I look at another shelf or drawer and its like "where is this stuff come from, where does it belong?".