Computer Tutor

Computer Tutor - I am a local Portage Park-Jefferson Park-Avondale-Irving Park-Mayfair computer expert with years of experience in both fixing computers and educating people on how to use them in K-12, university and business environments. Whether you are learning a new computer system or simply have questions about how things work, I may be the right fit for you. Have an expert come to your door and teach you on your own computer.

Computer slow? Have internet problems? A visit from Computer Tutor could put you on the right path to a better computing experience. Google, Internet, Microsoft Windows+Office, Apple Mac, smart phones, iPads, social media and more!

Hire me for one hour visitation or book several sessions for your home, school or business.

A computer technician, artist and educator, Andrew Oleksiuk taught in the Interactive Arts and Media department at Columbia College Chicago and the Art and Technology Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He received his BA in Digital Media from Columbia College Chicago in 1991 and completed his MFA in 2010 in Electronic Visualization from the College of Architecture and the Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Contact me: Andrew Oleksiuk
mailart (at) earthlink (dot) net
Call (708) 295-0185 to discuss and schedule an appointment.