Monday, July 29, 2013

Chicago Fire 2013 - The Way I See It

The way I see the Chicago Fire season so far is as follows; I've divided up the season into hexes, so to speak, of a 36 game season (it's actually 34+playoff). 1) Fire had a horrendous start by dropping four of their first six, winning only one. 2) Fire won two games during their next six outings, plus an important draw at Salt Lake. 3) next six games yielded three wins in a row and another important draw against Portland, 4) the fourth of six hexes is underway, and with a win and a draw; the Chicago Fire are on pace to gain more points in this hex than in the previous three. What that means is improvement. Improvement in the number of wins in each hex.With that strategy, Fire will be peaking into their final hex. A lot of work ahead.

L L D L W L = 1 win
W L L L D W = 2 wins
D W W W L L = 3 wins
W D [] [] [] [] ~ 4 wins
[] [] [] [] [] [] ~ 5 wins
four remaining games plus playoffs = 6 wins