Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fluxfest Chicago 2015, Schedule of Events, February 19-22

Adamadia Kapsalis, Bibiana Padilla Maltos and Michelle Sass Hake performing in the G.A.R. Rotunda of the Chicago Cultural Center. Video still by Picasso Gaglione.
Fluxfest Chicago 2015 Schedule of Events:

Thursday, Feb 19, 4-8pm: "Kiss" reception (secret location, call 314-276-4802 Day of Event for details)
Friday, Feb 20, 12-5pm: Chicago Fluxus Day (Chicago Cultural Center)
Friday, Feb 20, 7-?pm: New York Correspon-dance Dinner of Chicago (Berghoff's)
Saturday, Feb 21, 7-10pm: A Flux -Evening, (6018 North) 
Sunday, Feb 22, 12-5pm: Listening party, (6018 North)

"KISS" : A Mailart Exhibition

Beginning in 1989, and with its final exhibition in 1992, artist Honoria Starbuck of Austin, Tx. built a remarkable archive of Mailart from the underground dealing with one topic - the Kiss.

Last exhibited in February 1992 at the Mexic - Arte Museum in Austin, these works are shown for the first time in nearly a quarter century. Now archived by curator Keith A. Buchholz, the works have been cleaned and conserved, awaiting their placement in the International Networker Archive, set to open in Chicago's 6018 North.

Essays addressing the works, the original exhibition, and its importance in the context of its time will be included in the exhibition. This show happened at a pivotal time in the last century, at the height of the AIDS crisis, and when the politicization of the act of a simple kiss flew in the face of fear and stigma.

Visually much of the work still carries much of the "New Wave" whimsy of the 80's and is definitely of its time. Some works carry feminist or other political themes, and works were created using then new mediums including Xerography and Rubber Stamps, with some partially created with the primitive use of computers.

The exhibition will run for 2 weeks, opening February 1st through February 18th at the Joan Flasch Artistbook Collection, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 37 S. Wabash Ave. 5th floor.
Original exhibition curated by Honoria Starbuck, Reinvisioning curated by Keith A. Buchholz .

Essays by original curator Honoria Starbuck, AIDS activist /historian Jon Nalley, and curator Keith A. Buchholz will be available as a takeaway.

An additional viewing and reception for the works will be held between 4 and 8 PM on February 19th, at a Special Secret Venue. ( call 314-276-4802 Day of Event for details )
* This is the first event of FLUXFEST 2015.

Chicago Fluxus Day
Friday February 20th, 12 - 5 PM

As part of the 5th Annual Chicago Fluxfest, Chicago Fluxus Day returns for its fourth year at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Contemporary Fluxers, a group of avant - garde artists, working in Performance and alternative media invade the G.A.R. Rotunda and Hall, resulting in an interactive, fun and often chaotic arts event. Artists travel from all corners of the world to attend this yearly event, and an amazing variety of spontaneous performance, constructed installations, surprises, and artful activities ensue.

With Fluxus, you never know what will happen next, from giant balloons, to hands on Artmaking, ridiculous actions, or experimental sound, the Fluxers bring something to amuse or intrigue most everyone, young and old.

Event curated by Keith A. Buchholz and worldwide members of the Contemporary Fluxus Community.
Sponsored by DCASE : The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Friday February 20th, 7 PM

Now in its 5th year the Annual Correspon-dance Dinner convenes once again at one of Chicago's finest and most storied restaurants, The Berghoff.

Opportunity abounds at this event to interact with Mailartists and Fluxers in town for FLUXFEST. Expect great and lively conversation, opportunity to engage directly with the artists, a spirited atmosphere, and quite possibly some impromptu performance.

This year's event is in special tribute to Ray Johnson, founder of The New York Correspon-dance School, in the 20th anniversary year of his untimely demise.

The event starts at around 7pm, but is often known to last till close ! Bring a hardy appetite and a radical sense of humor, Enjoyment guaranteed !!!


An evening of Contemporary Fluxus Performance will take place at 6018 NORTH on Saturday, February 21st between 7 and 10 PM.

As part of FLUXFEST 2015, Fluxers from around the globe descend on Chicago to present an evening of Performance, Interactive events, Mailart making, Avant Sound Works, and Artful Mayhem.

With Fluxus performances anything is possible, blurring the boundaries of Art and daily experience. Prepare for actions from the sublime to the ridiculous, interactive to quiet, zen -like and contemplative. We never know quite what these artistic pranksters have up their sleeve, but it will be both enjoyable and entertaining !

Event curated by Keith A. Buchholz and members of the Worldwide Contemporary Fluxus Community.

Sponsored by 6018 NORTH
6018 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago

Sunday, February 22, 12 -5 pm

As the final event of FLUXFEST 2015, 6018 NORTH will host a listening party for Psych Records.

Founded in 2011, Psych Records has released a staggering array of vinyl LP's, audiocasettes, and cd's documenting both Contemporary Fluxus Sound Work, and previously unpublished works by classic Fluxus artists such as Wolf Vostell and Milan Knizak.

Husband and wife team Kommisar Hjular & Mama Baer create limited edition releases, often available with one of a kind collage or sculptural covers. Many of the LP's include sound work by artists who will be present.

A Pizza buffet from Pete's ( in the neighborhood ) and light refreshments will accompany this event.

FLUXFEST 2015 is curated by Keith A. Buchholz and the Worldwide Contemporary Fluxus Community.

Sponsored by 6018 NORTH.
6018 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago