Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ukraine 101 - In the News

If you are having trouble reading the news about Ukraine due to transliterated jargonology, perhaps these few phrases will enlighten: What is maidan? Maidan essentially means town square. What is Euromaidan? Euromaidan is a protest movement in Ukraine, originally in the town square in Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine, and focused on European integration. Now it is about human rights, freedom of the press, civil disobedience and regime change. What is automaidan? Automaidan is the mobile version of Euromaidan, essentially a public sphere in the streets in cars. What is Berkut? Berkut are Ukraine's anti-riot police (literally Golden Eagles), which are embroiled in the conflict with Euromaidan movement. What are titushki? Titushki are paid mafia thugs used by the corrupt government to harm peaceful Euromaidan protesters, named after a famous thug.