Sunday, June 2, 2013

Survivor Honor Ball

Over the years, I've reflected on my use of 3D virtual worlds such as Second Life and other forms of media. For me, SL has most often been a building tool. Since I'm creating: uploading textures, importing mesh, scripting, I often have uninterrupted work sessions. Following several groups more recently has been fulfilling. The American Cancer Society has a survivors Group meeting I attend. This group has been uplifting for me and an outlet for sharing. I've made some friends and even lost some to cancer within the group. Talking about treatments, sharing memories of doctors, hospital stays or dealing with disease and how it affects one's life has been good therapy. Weekly meeting attendees cut across all stages of treatment and survivorship. The group meets Sundays, typically, at Hope Haven. The group keeps me informed of the Relay for Life groups and their activities. RFL is among the biggest events annually in Second Life for charity. I was invited to the Survivors 1st Annual Honor Ball. I must say, it was quite an honor to be an honoree! There were many avatars at the well-planned event. I hope to catch up with some of the other Relay For Life events in the near future.