Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zineshow in Lviv

Claudia Laska and I participated in this zineshow in Lviv, Ukraine, appropriately titled "Zineshow". Curator Lubomyr Tymkiv's post on the subject transliterates and translates from English to Ukrainian as САМВИДАВ, ФЕНЗІН, ЗІН or Selfpublish (DIY), Fanzine, Zine. That's our collaborative contribution in the upper right, in black and white. I was trying to be a bit retro by using a black and white copier only, and this is a loosely sheafed (is that a word?) wrapper binding. All the pages are unique, and this is essentially a one-off as Claudia "decorated" my copier work with black glitter. The show has work from all over the world: Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Belarus and lots of other places. Have a look at the show blog as well as Lubomyr's interesting blog in Ukrainian, but with lots of images of his own and others' artwork and mail art. Lubomyr's blog is http://suxulf.blogspot.com (and suxulf is fluxus spelled backwards).