Sunday, May 12, 2013


It's still tight at the top in the Bundesliga. Eintracht Frankfurt is in 6th place, and could reach the Champions league with only one game left. Schalke and Freiburg (4th and 5th place) play their final match against one another May 18. Frankfurt play Wolfsburg. Since the standings are so tight, I believe (based on a recent Frankfurt win over Schalke) that if a) Schalke and Freiburg draw, and b) Eintracht Frankfurt win over Wolfsburg, Frankfurt will be catapulted into 4th place (and a Champions league qualifier berth). Am I wrong? (this guy agrees with me) I don't know enough about Bundesliga tiebreakers. But other results could prove disastrous. In either case right now Eintracht still find themselves relevant, and at least partially in charge of keeping Hamburger out of the running for Europa league.