Sunday, June 10, 2012

Netbase, Second Life SL9B, June 18-24.
[Free Second Life viewer required]

Netbase is a collaboration for Second Life 9th Birthday (SL9B) by Misa Delight, Andrew Oleksiuk, Ti Mosienko and Janell Baxter. The artists have created interactive software database and research works with the theme of networked community.

Andrew Oleksiuk and Ti Mosienko have created a incubator for networking at Netbase. Networkers can participate in research and discussion for the upcoming November 2012 congresses. Decentralized Networker Congress participants are encouraged to discuss their plans, activities and work. As part of Second Life's 9th Birthday (SL9B), Netbase will have the potential to attract networking eyeballs from within the virtual community as well as allow the mail art community to visit a virtual display about the 2012 congresses in preparation for other telepresence, performance and archival events.
More information is available at:

Janell Baxter and Misa Delight's interactive software art, Ent.SL9B. Ent allows users to choose one of four selected words. The network interactivity is recorded in a web database. Word choices are randomly selected from a database. 3D viewers pull the information from the database into the virtual world. The database status is updated with each selection and fed out to a website at