Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stamps for Kids at Taste of Chicago 2011 report

Stamps for Kids at Taste of Chicago on June 26, 2011 was a great success. Adding to our running total in the sixth year was giveaway of approximately 350,000 stamps, a solid number. Many volunteers came to help, among them: CPS members Bob Glass, Bob Marshall, and Jane Doyle, with her daughter Meghan. In addition Claudia Laska, Katherine Nichols, Julie Levinsohn, Janell Baxter with friend Adam, Peter Oleksiuk, Picasso Gaglione, and Adamandia Kapsalis rounded out the crew. Our colorful booth was filled with children nearly all 8 hours of the day. American Philatelist magazine issues, U.S. stamp catalogs as well as Linn's Stamp News back issues were given away as prizes to kids who could find stamps of George Washington, Denmark, Poland, airplanes, etc on cue at 15 to 30 minute intervals during the day. Many smiling faces of children and adults were seen as they left the booth with stamps and a newfound appreciation for stamp collecting. Approximately 2000 kids and parents visited the booth.