Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lovely - If you like the weather

One can grouse about living in Chicago. However, if extreme happens to be your style, this is where it's at. Last week it was 45 F degrees, torrential rains over the weekend, and now it's 90 F degrees. I can't figure out, on a daily basis, whether to wear shorts and sandals or heavy sweaters. For protection from the sun I wear a wide-brimmed hat. For protection from my grill, I wear an apron. This is also good for making my guests comfortable, since none of them look as ridiculous as I do wearing the apron and hat. Grilling pita bread was not as easy as I had guessed, but the main event - and relatively easy - cheeseburgers, bratwurst and hotdogs fit well with charades, beer, wine, and dry cider. Strawberry and poppyseed mixed greens, and papaya and yummy potato salad rounded out the menu.