Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 is Upon Us

There's not a lot about the new year that isn't much like other years: a looking forward and back, new pictures while flipping the calendar, anothing year of archiving stuff. But 2011 comes with a twist: a sea change in virtual worlds opportunities, based on the rocky wacky year that was 2010. Having had actualized and finished school at UIC which netted me an MFA in Electronic Visualization, 2011 is the first year I face with this academic qualifications upgrade. Hot on the heels of SAIC's pick for Realtime 3D: Modeling and Animation, my students' work was really good. From FluxFest at Columbia and first time teaching Media Theory and Design 2, art opportunities in the virtual world realm also seem ripe. October's trip to Washington DC even showed a glint of positioning on the 2011 map. Locally the Taste controversy is on my mind as it may impact Stamps for Kids. So technically 2010 was a banner year for a multitude of reasons. Is a sophomore slump in the offing? Not likely, based on the stock of relational affectations from 2010. Busy as always, but yours truly, Andrew