Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the everyday social media art

Ti chatting with Chi and Fau about transmodernism, hyperformalism and postmodernism. It is important to be social when using social media. For a long time, I used social media only to make art and communicate ideas about art. But now my focus has changed to actually being social. On one hand this is a big change because in Second Life, for example, I almost always was working on some project and didn't really bother to make time for social activities. Now with those major art projects behind me, namely Mermaids of the Chicago River, Chicago Public Transit simulation, and Instant Copies, I turn back to the social art performativity that began way back in 2006. With much of my social media art woven into the fabric of my everyday life, this change may also seem insignificant. But an open ended goal can lead to some exciting possibilities.