Monday, May 17, 2010


Call for Participation:
This is an open call for entries for an art project curated by Andrew Oleksiuk called Avatars. Send one image via email that represents you. This can be an digital image of your online avatar or any art image or photograph that you want to represent you. If possible, use an image that can be reduced to a small size, with an aspect ratio close to 1x1 (square). All of the images will be on display in a 3D virtual world, "Second Life". Some selected images will also be printed on "artistamp" editions. Deadline for submissions: July 1st, 2010. Details of July exhibition location online and at Stamp Art Museum in Chicago, USA will be sent to all participants.

Please send:
Your name
Your location (city, state, country)
Your digital image
Your email and/or mailing address (for sending documentation)

Send to:, subject: Avatars
see also:
Andrew Oleksiuk
5336 W. Belle Plaine
Chicago IL 60641