Monday, March 29, 2010

More research resources

Update - great reader from the editors of SocialEast. The journal is called Third Text.

Socialist Eastern Europe: Special Issue of Third Text
Issue 96 (January 2009)
Guest editor: Reuben Fowkes

This special issue of Third Text includes essays by leading theoreticians dealing with the problematic of how to rewrite the art history of Europe after the Cold War to take into account the multiple histories of the countries of Eastern Europe. It also highlights the work of a new generation of scholars whose approach to European art history is comparative, pluralistic and goes beyond the binary oppositions that has structured much thinking about Modernism, Socialist Realism, and Conceptual Art. The thematic areas covered range from the modalities of Socialist Realism under Stalin, the achievements of the Post Avant Garde in Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia, to public attitudes to the socialist past and recent reflections on the cultural legacy of East European socialism in contemporary art.