Saturday, April 25, 2009

Instant Copies

I am hosting an art opening for my recent work: Instant Copies - a
tribute to Copier Art, Zines, DIY and copier inventor Chester Carlson.
This art opening, in the virtual world of Second Life, represents
research and implementation of media archaeology in the context of new
media art. This work follows my successful Mermaids of the Chicago River
( and
other virtual world work: SPIKE a network performance event, Public
Transportation simulation, Burning Bra, Women's History series, etc.

Technical instructions: If you have a free Second Life virtual world
account, please join me (as my avatar, Ti Mosienko) inworld for this
event which occurs Monday, April 27 at 8pm Chicago time. No dress code:
come as you are. Otherwise consider this an invitation to join this
exciting if complicated 3D online virtual community. Please note: if you
are a first time Second Life user, setting up a free account and getting
to the opening may not be a trivial matter, based on your general
computer skills and familiarity with 3D virtual worlds. See for details.

Note: if you can't make it to the opening, the installation will be up
for the duration of the summer months. Consider joining the "Columbia
SL" group inworld for future announcements of art openings, social
activities and other inworld events at Columbia College Chicago's
virtual world location "I Am Columbia." Please forward this invite to
anyone you think may be interested or send me a reply if you'd like to
be removed from this list.

Time: 8pm, Chicago time
Date: Monday, April 27 2009
Location: I AM Columbia sim, Second Life